Outstanding quality windows

The offered window/door systems are available in various types, depending on range of application and the detailed requirements relating to their functioning, aesthetics, thermal insulation, grade of resistance to burglary, smoke tightness or fire resistance.

More than 400 models

5-year warranty

Resistant against all weathers

Distinctive fa├žade

SunAndSound Aluminium Windows SunAndSound Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows

SunAndSound UPVC Windows SunAndSound UPVC Windows

UPVC windows

SunAndSound Wooden Windows SunAndSound Wooden Windows

Wooden windows

External aluminium window shutters

Buildings designed with colour and form in mind have an unmistakable character. Whether traditional or contemporary, window shutters fit harmoniously into every ambience.

All window shutters, sliding, folding sliding shutters and screen elements are composed of a frame profile to which the centre elements are fastened. The product acquires a different look depending on how these two elements are combined.


SunAndSound Sun
  • Protection from UV Radiation
  • Complete darkness if needed
  • Preserve coolness


SunAndSound Sound
  • Reduce street noise level
  • Reduce aircraft noise to a minimum
  • Reduce train noise to an acceptable level
  • Reduce road and constructional noise to minimum


SunAndSound Classics
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • classic and stylish design window shutters.

New tech

SunAndSound New Technologies
  • Solar panel technology
  • Remote control operated shutters
  • Advanced window sliding system

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